Does Liquid Aeration Really Work?

Any lawn can benefit from core aeration, especially if you have compacted soil. Renting or hiring someone to aerate your lawn can be expensive so there must be a better way right?

Products are available that claim to be liquid aerators that can be applied with a garden hose and a simple sprayer. These include LazyMan Liquid Lawn Aerator, Aerify Plus, Nitron A-35, and as we write this another probably just came out.

But does liquid aeration really work?

The Aerify information page states their product “Eliminates the need for mechanical aeration” and “Reduces soil compaction”. LazyMan makes relatively similar claims.
Aerify even states that their product will provide better results than mechanical aeration.

So what’s in these products and will they actually work?

The main ingredient in most of these products is a surfactant. Surfactants make “water wetter” by reducing its surface tension. The surface tension of water is like a skin that holds a drop of water together and surfactants essentially break that barrier allowing water to travel farther.

Shampoo contains similar agents and chemically these products aren’t much more than expensive shampoo. These products claim about 1 oz of their product in a gallon of water spread over 1,000 sq feet, followed by watering in will reduce soil compaction. It doesn’t really seem possible that 1 oz of shampoo can do the same or better job as removing 20,000 4″ deep 1″ diameter cores. A Colorado university did extensive testing on these products and found zero proof of their claimed ability. Core aeration is proven to improve your lawn.

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